Hi there.
Once, while watching one of my favorite movies, a young man raised very important in the life of each of us on: "... it is sufficient that the answer to one horny, but it's fucking important question: what I want to do in my life? And then start doing it." I also asked myself this question, and then I answered myself: I want to take pictures. So I'm doing.

In short:
• I AM:  realist • zodiacal lion (don't tease me) • precise and exact • sometimes lazy
reticent • punctual • incomputable • unpredictable • different than the others...
• I HAVE:  3 cats * black humor * black car * rules * acrophobia - a fear of heights * silly ideas
facebook account and true friends • distance to each other and to the reality around me
• I DON'T HAVE:  iphone • ipad • ipod • icomp • anything else on the letter "i" • I do not belong to any other sect
watch • chain on my neck • sunglasses • tattoos • i'm not influenced by trends and fashions
• I LIKE:  tea with lemon and sugar • gadgets, not only electronic • T-shirts with cool prints
interfere with the conversation quotes from movies • to do everything personally • drill theme • rest
• I DON'T LIKE:  dancing * winter * raisins (even in chocolate) * scratching sounds caused by cutlery on a plate * fanatics
as someone bothers me when I do something • walking in the mountains because it is always uphill ;)
• I LOVE:  cats =^•.•^= * I also like other animals, most those who have soft fur, and four paws
ice cream * walks * Sigur Ros * Roland Topor * very fast driving (on german autobahn ;P)
• I HATE:  cheaters = thieves = politicians! * scurvy people * hot grub * human stupidity * pseudo-specialist
people who go to the cinema to eat popcorn, guzzle cola and talk on a cell phone

I think that refereeing in sport is the biggest sodding of our time (besides policy) * I believe in destination...
Internet should not be anonymous, have something interesting to say is keep your courage to sign up under this
I believe in life on other planets • I prefer good movie than good restaurant • I played the bass guitar in a band
I go to sleep in the middle of the night, I wake up in the middle of the day * I'm listening electronic, d'n'b, minimal...
The most important parameters in cars are horsepower and acceleration but not CO2 emissions
car must be german, japanese electronics, scotch whisky and so... the rest are made in China
I do not use fluorescent "energy-saving" bulbs because they give fucked light, spoil eyesight and are toxic
I hate commercials everywhere: I buy what I want to buy but not what someone wants to sell me!
ps. those who know me well, know what is true and what is fake ;)

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Thanks for visiting my gallery! See you again!